The first thing to consider when buying a new Bed Base is whether it is suitable for your existing mattress if you are not replacing that as well. 

There are a number of different types of Bed Base available and the one you choose will depend, first and foremost, on your own personal needs and taste. 

Lets take the main, broad types of base in turn. 


The UK's most popular option. 

Divans are, at their most basic level, an upholstered box. There are four main types. 

Sprung Edge Divans: 

These provide a bed base with a complete open coil or pocket sprung unit attached to the unit itself.  

Perhaps the most luxury option, they offer even support across the whole mattress. 

Platform Top Divans: 

A more economical option, these tend to be topped with hardboard which makes for a bed that's generally firmer than Sprung Edge options. 

Firm Edge: 

These feature a smaller number of more heavy duty springs within a robust wooden frame. 

Flexible Slatted Divans: 

These have a modest level of springiness due to the fact they use a number of laminated softwood slats mounted in a frame that give a bowed shape. 

Higher end versions will offer adjustable slats. 


Divan bed bases with storage do not compromise the comfort of the bed and are suitable for rooms, or houses, where space is at a premium. 

These usually cost a little more. 

Access to the storage area in the base can be offered through drawers in the sides and/or at the foot end. 

Budget models will use sliding doors again on the sides and/or the foot end. 

Ottoman style divan bases have a shallow platform top - this is hinged to the base so it can be lifted and provide access to the hollow storage area. 

Hydraulic/tension springs mean ottomans can be lifted easily and safely even when heavy mattresses are used. 


Bedrooms are increasingly being used as multi-functional spaces where the bed is used to watch TV, use lap-tops, reading and the like.  

Certain medical conditions also require raised sleeping positions or help getting in and out of bed. 

All this means that the popularity of adjustable bed bases is rising as well. 

It is worth noting that if you have a genuine medical condition, you do not have to pay the V.A.T on an electric bed.

There are many different options on the market form traditional divan to more contemporary options. 

Some of the higher end models also include massage functions. 

Double and single options are available - some of the doubles include independantly moveable halves and/or options to raise just the head end or both the head and feet ends. 

Some even include side tables that run on sliders depending on what position the bed's in. 

The options are endless and, again, it's largely down to personal choice and need. 


These have also seen a rise in popularity in recent years and come in a range of different styles made from wood, metal and plastics. Some are upholstered, some are not. 

The most common system to support the mattress in bedsteads is the use of either rigid or flexible wooden slats. 

There is a vast range of price tags associated with these depending on the quality and complexity of the construction. 

Warning  - some imported models may not comply with UK Fire Regulations so please do your research carefully.