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Pearl Memory Mattress

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The Pearl Memory mattress features Sealy's Memory foam (Visco-Elastic).  This material moulds quickly to your body shape and is fantastic at relieving pressure points. Memory Foam provides correct underlying support with exception levels of comfort.

In addition to Memory foam this mattress uses Sealy smart fibres. These fibres hold Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval endorsement. This mattress is perfect for those who suffer from Dust Mite allergies as these fibres help reduce the allergens in the bedroom. In addition, These Eco-friendly Tencel Fibres are designed to absorb moisture whilst cooling the sleeping surface. Sealy use Tencel (as its natural attributes prevent Bacteria from growing) resulting in a dry, irritation free sleeping environment. Tencel is also 100% organic and bio-degradable. 

The Sealy adaptive technology is an intelligent textile that uses body heat to accelerate evaporation and cooling. This keeps you cool and dry throughout the night resulting in healthier sleep.

This mattress correctly supports and aligns your spine in its natural shape, helping reduce any aches and pains you may suffer in the morning.


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Pearl Memory Mattress

Pearl Memory Mattress

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