Electro Pressure Reliever

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Electro Pressure Reliever bed.

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The Electro pressure reliever is a bed designed to be adjustable so it can attend your needs for support and comfort during the night. This mattress is specially made to reduce pressure, made from memory foam and reflex means this mattress would provide support for anyone. The main quality of the mattress is the luxurious memory foam filling. Memory foam is designed to energy absorb and control the temperature. The Memory foam uses your bodies’ heat to mould around and support you throughout the night. In addition the memory foam is inspired with technology that allows the mattress to evenly distribute your body weight which ultimately reduces the pressure on your back. Overall this mattress is designed so everyone can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful night sleep.


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Electro Pressure Reliever

Electro Pressure Reliever

Electro Pressure Reliever bed.

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